quarta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2009

Guess who?

The University of Trás-os- Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD) is held in the north of Portugal in the Douro Valley region, famous from the Port wine. The University as about 7.000 students of different sciences. Sport Science is one of them and the Sports Department as about 700 students. The first degree as the two first years in common and in the third the possibility of making different choices. Team Sports, Individual Sport, Academy Sports and Adventure Sports.
The present blog is in continuous construction from the students of Adventure Sports. The group as eleven students. Two students, Francisco and Sara are Erasmus students from University of Estremadura in Spain.Two more from the University of Leon, also in Spain; Oscar and Ana.
The others are Lino, Davide, Zé, Borges, José, Inês, Suse, Açores and Carvalhinha, all from UTADThe propose of the blog is the contact with people of the world with the same interest. Adventure Sports.

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  1. Este é um grupo promissor cheio de garra e atitude, com um particular amor pela vida e pela aventura